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Jacksonville Running Company

Jacksonville Running Company

Our goal at JRC is to put you in the proper footwear and apparel designed specifically for you.

The right pair of shoes can make your run more fun and enjoyable, while the wrong pair can cause serious damage. As a knowledgeable team, we continue to train on the details of each running shoe to keep you on the course and out of the doctor’s office.

Fitting Process


When you visit JRC, we want to ensure that you receive the personalized attention that you deserve.

Running Club


Join our Jacksonville Running Club for exclusive savings in store, savings on local races and more!

Store Events


Our calendar is fully stocked to offer you the most well rounded schedule of events to suit all your running needs.

What are people saying about JRC?

  • "After completing the Donna half marathon in February, I decided I was entitled to a second opinion fitting for running shoes, given my feet and calves were not very happy… JRC was very thorough with my fitting. I received explained detail of my evaluation and tips to improve my run. Since that day I have returned for a Trigger Point Therapy Clinic which has shaved time on my pace and relieved pain. I consistently brag about the exceptional service I received and recall several new runners that have followed my advice to get fitted there. In my opinion, JRC is more than just a business. They operate for the passion of our running community!"
  • "I took my daughter to another running store who fit her into a pair of sneaks that were all wrong. We took them back for a refund they said she needed a doctor then I took her to JRC in Bartram park they evaluated her stance ,stride, and tried a few different pairs while watching her run…She is back to running no more shin splints, pains and enjoys her runs again! Thank you to the young ladies at that store for helping my daughter. THIS STORE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!"
  • "As a bigger woman, being stared at is normal, especially as a runner. I LOVE running! I chose JRC because they DIDN’T stare at me. Jackie inspired me (just by asking), to start running 5k’s. I now run a 5k every month, in my JRC Shoes! JRC will always be my (and my family/friends) store for shoes!"