Recently a group of runners from Jacksonville took a trip to the Keys. These 12 runners didn’t take this trip for leisure and comfort instead they went down and put themselves through grueling pain. The grueling pain that we speak of was the Miami to the Keys edition of the Ragnar Relay. Ragnar Relays are races that take place all over the country and consist of 12 member teams who run distances up to 200 miles.

This particular Ragnar was roughly 190 miles, it started in Key Biscayne and ended on the beach in the Keys. The  Jacksonville Runners arrived in Miami with a goal of domination and left the Keys with the glory of a job well done. The team consisted of Tripp S., Ryder L., Andrew M., John R., Craig S., Josh M., Owen S., Darrin D., Tim R., Chris M., Dick H.,  and Jason M. These 12 guys ran the 191.1 mile race in 19 hours 56 minutes and 37 seconds for 1st place. The finishing time indicates that the runners ran an astonishing 6:15 pace per mile. The time would have been faster, but due to the night a few of the runners got lost along the way costing the team 10-15 minutes. The team shrugged off the lost time by stating, “we’ll beat it by that much more next year!”

After the race was finished the runners were so happy with the event that they decided they will be taking on all comers in Vegas.

Special thanks goes out to Ragnar for such a great event and also Powerbar for supplying the team with nutrition during the race.