Mobile Fit

Can’t make it to the store? That’s fine! We understand busy schedules… Let us come to you!

We will bring our state-of-the-art Mobile Fit Unit, to you so you may experience our entire fit process on location. You get the great service you expect, at the time and location of your choice. Then, once we have your information, you can bring your form into the store and we will find your shoe for you.

Bring Mobile Fit to Your Coworkers

The need for healthy employees is on a steady rise. Ideal health starts with the proper knowledge. With Jacksonville Running Company’s Mobile Fit, we bring that, and much more, to your business. This is a great opportunity to promote health, energy, and motivation among your employees. Sometimes, the work day alone can be such a struggle. People tend to lose sight of their own health needs. So, set the good example and give them the opportunity to find their motivation while still at work.
Our Mobile Fit Trailer Visits:

Gyms, Schools, Corporations, Small Businesses, Running Groups, Community Outings, Health Fairs..

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