Fit Process

When you visit JRC, we want to ensure that you receive the personalized attention that you deserve. For this reason, our team of experts offer a one-on-one consultation prior to the shoe fitting process.

It Starts With the Feet

JRC uses a comprehensive digital foot analysis program to gather data relating to your arch type, as well as, the length and width of your feet. We also discuss any injuries or inconsistencies that need to be taken into account (neuromas, bunions, sensitive areas, etc). Lastly, we discuss if you are currently using or considering the use of over-the-counter or custom orthotics. All of this information is important and gives us the baseline to begin properly fitting you to the perfect shoe.

Understanding Bio-Mechanics

At JRC, footwear is classified by the degree of stability it provides. Whether it’s a motion control (high stability) shoe, a structured cushioning (moderate or mild stability) shoe, or a neutral cushioning (little or no stability) shoe, it is crucial to correctly match the degree of stability a shoe provides with the degree of stability an individual needs. To determine your category, we use state-of-the-art video gate analysis. Watching frame-by-frame footage from our Video Gait Analysis enables us to pinpoint the nuances of your individual running needs. It also allows YOU to view the footage, making it easier for you to understand why one particular category of footwear will be more appropriate for you than another. We can also help you enhance your running form and point out certain tendencies that could be affecting your performance.

The Fit, Feel, and Ride

Given what was learned in the first two steps, we will bring out a few different pairs of shoes that we feel should be considered. At this point, feedback from you, is crucial – this is where science meets art. Consideration should be given to fit (length, width, heel stability, and toe box volume), feel (how the shoe contours to the foot), and ride (cushioning, responsiveness, weight, and transition from rear-foot to fore-foot). We always recommend that our guests run or walk in each shoe, in order to get a true understanding of how they feel and perform while the shoe is being used for its intended purpose. Our respective sidewalks, parking lots, and treadmills are available to you for this testing.

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