Tempo Warm Up Video

by Coach Stackhouse
Joint Mobility:
Head circles, Torso twist, Hip circles, Trunk circles, Knee
circles, Ankle & Wrist circles.
~ 0:05-0:33 on video ~
Warm-up Exercises (5 reps of each) +30m buildup in between each:
Prisoner squat, Single leg squat (R), Single leg squat (L), Wave squat, Alternating front lunge,
Alternating side lunge, Wide-outs, Speed skaters, Mountain climbers.
*Build-ups body position check: toe up, knee up, heel up, step
over, land underneath
~ 0:34-1:08 on video ~
Hip Strength (5 reps each leg):
Fire hydrants (front, middle, back), Knee circles (forward, back), Donkey whips.
~ 1:09-1:31 on video ~
Dynamic Mobility (5 reps each leg):
Supine SL raises, Iron cross, Scorpions, Groiners, Inverted splits
and scissors, Rockers into hurdle seat stretch, Lateral & linear leg swings,
Trail leg fence (forward, back).
~ 1:32-2:10 on video ~
Specific Strength Drills (30m of each):
Scoops, Walking knee-pulls with toe raise, Ankling, Butt kicks,
Straight leg shuffle to bound, Side shuffle with active arms, High
knees, A-Skip, Fast leg variations.
~ 2:11-end on video ~
Sunny Runner

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